Red Deer Runners Athletic Bursary

Criteria Guidelines



  1. Reside within a 40 kilometer radius of Red Deer
  2. Have resided in the area for at least one year prior to date of application
  3. Provide a written application outlining:
  4. Financial need
  5. Evidence of athletic ability at a local, regional, provincial or national level (listed in order of priority)
  6. Evidence of dedication to a running discipline
  7. Purpose for the grant


4. Send the Red Deer Runners a written report of the event prior to November 1st  of the application year or the year after.

5. A selection committee composed of two members of sitting Red Deer Runners will review the application.




  1. Grants are provided only to individuals or groups from ages 12 to 22 years of age.
  2. Grants are provided only to applicants in running orientated sports, including but not limited to: track, mid or long distance running, cross country running.
  3. Areas of consideration: a) travel to and from competition  b) accommodation/meals  for completion  c) entry fees d) other
  4. Payment to be made in advance of any sponsored event with an    understanding that payment would be refunded to the Red Deer Runners if not spent or used in the manner intended.
  5. Priorities will be given to  members of a club who train year round and, who therefore demonstrate a high degree of commitment.
  6. Priority will also be given to athletes who earn a placement in an advanced level of competition. Multiple applications from any club may be referred to the coach for prioritization.



      Janice Dempsey

     Claude Duret     

     Jessica MacDonald

     Tina Chadwick   

     Shane Schuster  


We Give Back









The race was started 25 years ago by the Red Deer Runners, with a purpose of supporting the development of youth running in Red Deer. The race proceeds are used through a bursary to allow youth runners in Red Deer, and area, to participate in regional, provincial and national events. Applicants to the bursary are required to provide background for their application and be vetted through a sponsor before being considered for a bursary cash award.

The Harvest Run itself is a non-profit organization. The event is not a fundraiser. 

We work to keep the entry fees low and strive to give back!






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